Write the best final fantasy 14 players strategy

Write the best final fantasy 14 players strategy output limits, need to have some knowledge of the rules of the game players, although choosing final fantasy 14 will be more difficult, but there will be a professional guide, of course, there will be a difficult challenge, to play a good monk strategy for players see add you want to know more carefully, if patients want to be able to play their maximum output DPS god! We will continue to help, until you know and understand the complete content, will let go play for players to enjoy yourself.


First of all, the DOT, no sustained damage, damage to seek the GCD is higher than a direct hit damaged element damage characteristic types of skills, but the continuity and final fantasy XIV DOT skills speed/speed performance impact bai fixed three seconds, duration is 3 integer times, in the end there must be a DOT damage. the

Followed by countries, including cheap FF14 Gil, and specific to the profession, thunderbolt is BUFF palms and explosion, explosion ray BUFF pseudo residents here, no and discussion; Two skills duration is 15 seconds after the effect of the state, especially every 15 seconds less output 235 injured, the impact is huge. Therefore, for countries, we are the best choice in the country for a second before the end of filling.

Only from the data, it is a high damage and the skills of the contradiction between high consumption, damage, in addition to the broken punch and punch a secret skill damage by brother than other than bone is low, there is a big gap, equivalent to the power consumption of the technical secret punching but duration is very short, so keep the difficulty, but obviously won’t give up the direct influence to the DPS, will more influence in the long wooden war.

Strong battle effectiveness can give players to stimulate, in fact, most people choose to play in final fantasy 14, because we will continue to adjust, to make the game more exciting, FFXI Gil. Sometimes, though less players mean, but I firmly believe that has been the final fantasy 14 version of the game and upgrade, to improve their equipment as far as possible, is to allow players to have fun.

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the world of warcraft version of warcraft

After my colleagues are corresponding to review their most familiar after finally came to the world of warcraft version of warcraft is the latest chapter – the king of draenor, delightful is listed on the new version of the already can be regarded as the global synchronization, November 20, the day is memorable day all of warcraft players. Wang xin of draenor level 100 version of the online also opened a new chapter, through the fifth expansion of CG animation has let everybody know about the latest story of cheap wow items, strong orc tribes established relentless organization called steel tribe.


You may see the title doesn’t understand why this name, but it is also editor of one day can’t go to sleep at night when kept thinking about whether to how to complete this article, the reasoning is think of our colleagues together chat always talk about topics of warcraft, and in the new version of the time are also started online upgrade to experience in the first time, until the play to once again AFK now the king of this latest delano version 6.0 for our feeling is that we had for the world of warcraft has ceased to exist, not just the small partners around disappeared, even in the game to give our happy and surprise is less and less.

What is happening we felt so frustrated? Finally we found the reason, although the original young we’ve all grow up, once the “comrades” each rush thing has graduated, game time in sharp decline, but the main reason is the glorious world was completely locked up. Wow. The world once we often saw in the channel of communication between players, once the world we are loyal to the association of unity and once we constantly create their own world record. Now we are fortress system, by stone collection systems and cross-server chained down.

All this, of course, in addition to the fortress is not just happened, but in 6.0 it is infinitely magnified, before we make a task to make a copy will shout to a team, it also can make all kinds of like-minded teammates, but now with a collection of stone we can finish everything we want, and every team is difficult to meet again once fought with his teammates. The glory of the “O” key increasingly bleak, only “C” key also in constant change, have to say this is a how sad thing. “I” key the devil swallowed the style characteristics of the world of warcraft, are eating into bit by bit each player’s heart communication.

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FUT price range has recently been added

One of the biggest change in history, in the FUT price range has recently been added to the transfer market. Implement relief problems, including the coin sales and prices, this is mixed by EA received serious evaluation. Know that this will give players some impact, although be added in other ways, we will still have independent price in management.

Now means that every card FUT 16 coins, including consumables, there is a range, you can sell cards. Or buy your account, we’re now heading to account, to sell cards may be used. Gone the in-form 150 coins listed price, because even if the week to the day of the new team player has a distribution price range.

They have a big impact, of course, but it shouldn’t have a seamless transition. Although users Xbox are enjoying top players to reduce prices, game consoles and PC users are faced with some problems of its own, some of them is broken.


In all three markets appeared vanished players a new phenomenon. When this happens, demand greater than supply, so when the in-form a popular release and by EA chose their price range is too low, there will be no one player because no one wants to sell in the market.

Although this is influence the Xbox users and some in the form of the published in recent weeks, the console where the problems on the market has grown, even often high rated card is no longer on the market all the points.

Obviously there are a lot of work requires perfect price range, it seems to stay. The final team has in fut coins, over the past few years, it is currently searching for a fragile. We will continue to advance, and look forward to in details and it means that the price range for those who play games.

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In another letter to the comprehensive Final fantasy XIV

In another letter to the comprehensive Final fantasy XIV fans, producer and director naoki yoshida, who penned February edition. Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Letter and packaging information change/improvement plan, how these are developing, now how theywill work in the future. This letter is from the armory system of side quests the UI changes, tons of virtual laundry list.

According to the game producer naoki yoshida said, because the game update will fix a lot of problems that exist in the game, to allow players to complete to repair of the game, even the patches of useless, but hope that true love final fantasy players can be patient of waiting, because the patches just bring a better game for players, better, faster. So the delay this patch 1.21 upgrade time.


In addition, naoki yoshida said: “in the upgrade of the game in the magic of casting, alchemy, food and drug synthesis set will conduct a thorough comprehensive improvement, to thank the players here on the final fantasy 14 support.” At the same time may offer some preferential policies to compensate for players wait for so long, then I hope you look forward to our results.

As you can see, there are some changes in patch 1.15 A plan. Once the patch, the list will be updated, and we will continue to add more change. A lot of players have said they complete list of all planned changes, rather than a partial list 30% of desire. FF14 Gil. I can only say that I will personally add items to the list as soon as possible to fully test and the test has been carried out. To continue to focus on a magnet for all the latest news!

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The warcraft hero finally launched the iPhone

Blizzard entertainment’s popular card game battle of BFS: on the warcraft hero finally launched the iPhone today, be applicable to the tablet, including the device, before and after nearly a year. wow gold. New support for gm to update existing iOS app. In iOS, this version is the actual is to update the BFS legends client, released by the way, the game is the current version number for 2.5.8416, capacity of 699 million, support including iphone, iPod touch 5 th, the device over the iOS device.

At this point, the hearth legend can be seen as a pure mobile games. For mobile games, traffic cost is an important performance index. Reporters from the beginning in June 2014 with Cellar cellular function of the Mini2 equipment outside, and the subway environment “hearth legend” game. From the point of the present situation, the edition of BFS legend for use little traffic, since November 10, 2014, in almost every day to play at least half an hour’s case, the reporter of the version of the hearth legend consumes only 45 MB.


The game made a leap, Android and iOS tablet after the Mac and PC was first published in 2014, with the Canadian home ‘sister site TouchArcade report many stories throughout the year a lot of rumors about the iPhone game. But it must be noted that, in use process, if in the subway environment, the hearth legend against affected by mobile network signal strength is also very obvious. In terms of Beijing, such as have good coverage of line 4 line during peak against basic can complete smoothly.

BFS is free online game mode, but the user can choose to buy gold their personal bank card package when the game is the lack of enough. Wow. The types of tasks and player and collection of the in game nine significantly different categories of every changing array, in a battle to cut eachothers “zero goal is 30 points in health system in the opponent’s weaknesses.

And all versions of the game, the iPhone user experience in the world will be able to hearth synchronize all custom deck, the earl of gold and experience to a new iPhone application by logging in their Battle.net account. Although some die-hard fans still doubt the game to the appropriate transition to seek a smaller screen on the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus overload this year can no doubt, to provide a more comfortable experience of BFS, nursing at the same time maintain a more portable in its fuel grain of focus.

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FIFA has been claimed real club

Simulation game of football fans, “FIFA” will soon have a new things. Reports have circulated and the game will play video games in a few months, will bring with it many exciting features and gameplay. And a few months ago to leave the game, players can got many followers of the popular franchise have produced their own things, they list would like to see in the upcoming 16th batch.

Based on the IB times, according to the report, log in game one of the major update, is a major change. FIFA 15 coins with account, a lot of players don’t know why do you have any violation of handball, which is the real part of the game is very important. After change, will be more clear rules of the game, be clear at a glance to see where violation, where is important. So everyone on the selection, also will be more clear, understand the choices and the game.


The other game upgrades are the goalkeeper. “FIFA” has been claimed real club, real player, and the real manager, at the same time can look and expand on the synthesis, one of the important role has been left behind.

Fans complain that used to control the goalkeeper is a bit in the game is a challenge. A lot of people hope to have more choice and how to play goalkeeper, famous master pioneer. In fact, some require a goalkeeper as fast as the other players who in real life.

Meanwhile, reports have no way of a referee will arrive in the upcoming games, players can choose in the game, not a player the referee. Real-life football has always been very lively, the opening animation and fut coins, disappointed fans in the past. In order to solve this problem, seems to be no EA is considering a “more interactive people” banner, and Shouting to fully support their team.
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Latest letter producers have been issued a final fantasy 14

Latest letter producers have been issued a final fantasy 14: a kingdom rebirth website, lists some interesting new details hunting, a feature that will arrive in the game release Eorzea’s defenders. Cheap ffxi gil. Hunting will players found an epic journey to track and defeat mark “elite” and notorious monsters roam in the game world. Eorzea’s defenders in the recent time, hope we will be appreciate to have a look, experience, because different people representatives to bring you on the final fantasy is not the same performance and skills.


Table 2.3 patch offers many new dungeons, system functions, items, and recipes. FFXIV Gil. That some are in the adjustment, the change in the game, the game characters. My final fantasy players have different experience and feelings. After watching the trailer, I’m sure many of you still decide where to start. As you continue to consider your options, I think light focused on a specific new system: hunting.

Hunting, starting a new plan by Eorzean alliance, will adventurers to track and defeat the notorious monsters roam in land is referred to as “elite, and to access the bounty of the hunt committee in each big company to quell the threat of Eorzea found small. And any monster head bounty is considered to be” mark, “mark’s elite, as the name implies, field constitute a greater threat.

When we start to change these, we just have to consider the prospect of final fantasy. FFXI Gil. It is suitable for what the crowd, for what game characters, of course, we will not allow players to adapt to us, but we the be fond of according to the player to adjust the defects of our game. So “Eorzea defenders” is not the same game. See our change, and friends consider you choose is right? Is a specific system.

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World of Warcraft notes by Blizzard

Public testing has started for the next major World of Warcraft update. Patch 6.2 is now available on the public test realm, and Blizzard Entertainment posted early patch notes on the official World of Warcraft website. The patch includes major additions to the game including a new zone, a new garrison building, a new raid, and much more.

The Tanaan Jungle will finally open up to World of Warcraft players when patch 6.2 launches. Players will need to utilize a new garrison building to access the zone. Wow. They will start work on the new shipyard by heading to their garrisons and starting the “War Council” quest. A garrison must be level three in order to build a shipyard, and players will need to construct boats via blueprints for the new garrison naval missions.

Within Tanaan Jungle lies the Hellfire Citadel, where players will take on 13 bosses for new loot. Testing times for the new raid are still to be determined, but players will battle Gorefiend, Kilrogg Deadeye, and many more within the Citadel’s walls.


Of course, a number of class changes and other tentative features are being datamined from the patch. Although it is not mentioned in the official World of Warcraft notes by Blizzard, players and dataminers at MMO-Champion have noticed a Timewalker random dungeon option in the dungeon finder. cheap wow items. A Timewalker dungeon lets max-level players queue into old dungeons by scaling them down to an appropriate level for the content.

As with any patch, especially one as early in development as this, any changes are subject to change before official release. As the official World of Warcraft developer Twitter points out, new designs are likely to be implemented during testing replacing the current patch notes. That applies to the legendary ring “procs,” a special process that occurs occasionally, which will change in a future build of the public test realm’s 6.2 patch.

Patch 6.1 released in February with updated Blood Elf models, the heirloom tab, Twitter integration, and more. Even more recently, patch 6.1.2 launched with the groundwork for the World of Warcraft Token. The WoW Token, as reported by the Inquisitr, launched a week ago, letting players pick up 30 days’ worth of game time for gold. Conversely, players can buy a Token from the in-game store for $20 and sell it on the auction house for some extra gold.

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FIFA 16 can help them with when it arrives

FIFA soccer was first introduced to video gamers all over the world back in 1993. The games that are listed under the FIFA titles are those that were released each year by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports label. Just about all of the EA Sports games were hits regardless of what platform they were released for. The FIFA series was the first to have an official license from the FIFA and that might have helped give more attention to the video game.

As you can imagine, FIFA 16 is the 16th installment to the video game series and is expected to be just as popular as the games that came before it. Today, the game has expanded to include teams and leagues from around the world making sure not to leave any out. Since all of the teams and leagues have been used in the game, developers were able to use real names, team colors and even the exact likenesses of the players from those teams.

When it was announced that FIFA was going to release the 16th installment to the series, the loyal fans lined up to describe what they would like to see in the new game. FIFA 16 Coins. For more than 20 years, fans have been enjoying the FIFA series and it has taken very huge steps towards making the fan experience almost as good as the real thing. According to critics and reviewers, the 14th installment was one of biggest steps in technology and improved gameplay.


That wet the tongues of users all over the world and set the bar quite high. However, things that players would like to see include improved goalkeepers. Over the years, the goalkeepers control has been less than desirable and since that is the position that makes or breaks a game, gamers would like to see a little more control there. Having players that are fast in real life, become just as fast in the game and referee mode would be another speculated option from most fans according to reports.

When it comes to developing great games like the ones for EA Sports, one would hope that the sky is the limit, but that is not the case. Every game has a point in it where players are trying to figure out what the developers were thinking. Adding real managers, statistics and characteristics for each of the real life referees, more control in the Ultimate Team mode and the chance to win more coins are just a few more things that fans are hoping FIFA 16 can help them with when it arrives.

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final fantasy picture since needless to say

For senior players, the final fantasy 7 characters may have left an indelible impression, but that did not stop the submission for the manga art according to their own ideas to interpret the characters in the game, this time we brought the Brainstorm community members of the final fantasy 7 figure painting.

Have many, many different and innovative figure, always always see some novel figure, I also think you might be in final fantasy is no impression. Because will not be able to attract players in final fantasy XI gil to find what they want.

15 “final fantasy picture since needless to say, its vast and real open map as charming, beautiful below small make up to bring us final fantasy 15 demo demo version of the combat experience by experience, and see it together.


“HD” final fantasy: zero type traditional Chinese listed on March 17, although say to this works a little sorry… But the vast majority of players focus is a complimentary with games “Final Fantasy XIV Gil” experience version download the serial number. The first to reach the PS4 in this work, the first open world and high action battle, the first leading group of no woman, but were not as this transfer development centering on irrigation “15″.

Of course, the most natural, this is the latest of a “final fantasy”! All of these reasons and reasons for 15 “final fantasy become the focal place of the players around the world, just a demo caused countless topics.

After a version experience after customs clearance, there are several very distinct characteristics can make us know more about the outline of 15 “final fantasy game can complete. , of course, only a short experience content, plot is can’t see too many things, but on the four main character’s personality and sense of interaction in the process of experience is rendered is striking.

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