Final Fantasy IX Carbuncle has the capability

The Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo offered a brief but exciting glimpse into what the 2016 (hopefully) game will deliver. I expected the visuals or combat style to be the coolest part of the demo, but was absolutely blown away when I summoned Ramuh. What I witnessed was one of the greatest, most exciting moments in my long-running Final Fantasy career. Considering the fact that Ramuh is typically a early level, low-damaging summon, the other summons in cheap FFXIV Gil are likely to be insane. Ramuh got the Final Fantasy aficionados at Power Up Gaming thinking about the summons that we rely on the most, and the ones that we think are, hands down, just the best. So, whether we call them Eidolons, Aeons, Espers, or Guardian Forces, here are the summons that we think kick the most ass.


Actually though, despite it typically being a non-damaging summon, Carbuncle is actually fairly useful. It resembles a greenish blue fox-like animal, with a ruby embedded into its forehead. Typically, when summoned, Carbuncle will cast Reflect on the entire party. Combine that with an ability like “Reflect-null” on your healer, and you’re in pretty good shape. But in Final Fantasy IX, Carbuncle has the capability to cast not only Reflect, but Vanish, Haste, Shell, and protect on the party, depending on the summoner’s add-on. And, in FFXIV, Carbuncle ditches the buffing game altogether, offering a rather decent line up of damaging attacks.

Leviathan made his first appearance in Final Fantasy II, but was not available as a summon until FFIII. Leviathan is awesome thanks to his raw power and brutal Tsunami/Tidal Wave attack. Water magic is not a very common element in Final Fantasy, but if you find an enemy who is weak to water, Leviathan will easily finish him off and drag him down to the depths of the sea. In FFXI Gil, Leviathan is capable of instantly killing some enemies, while in FFIX (like other summons in the game), its power is multiplied with the number of Aquamarine stones in the inventory.

There comes a point in every small, gamer boy’s life that he falls in love with his very first summon. Or maybe that’s just the special ones, like me. But for most guys going through a time where they’re just starting to like girls, Shiva would clearly be the better pick- what with the icy boobs and all(I mean, she can literally cut diamonds with those nips!). But for me, it’s Ifrit all the way.

Having been in most of the Final Fantasy games, one might say Ifrit is the loyal dog of the series. He’s never too devastating, but always impresses with a usually brutal display of power and confidence. Take the above video for example. The dude floats into the air atop a boulder with arms crossed and then slams said boulder into the ground like a volleyball. Needless to say, Ifrit has one hell of a spike, and for that, we’re glad to say he’s on our side. Phoenix not only looks hardcore, but is also extremely useful. Like Ifrit, Phoenix deals fire damage with Rebirth Flame/Phoenix Flame, and revives all KO’d characters, even to full health in some games. How handy.

In FFVIII and Final Fantasy XIV Gil, after summoning Phoenix just once, he will randomly show up and revive your party if all its members are defeated. Also, those Phoenix Downs that you rely on so heavily? Yeah, those come from this Phoenix. In a few FF titles, he has a holy elemental attack, which is pretty uncommon. It is also said that anyone who tastes the Phoenix’s blood will have eternal life, but extracting it might prove a little tricky. Alexander was a little late to the party. He didn’t show up until Final Fantasy VI, but quickly established himself as a legendary force. He is a giant robot fortress, or something like that, and typically deals out pretty brutal holy elemental damage.

WoW now I hang around in my personal Garrison

Next week, Blizzard shows the latest expansion for cheap world of warcraft, an MMO that has more content than necessary. Still, we get more and you would think that the developer thanks to its five previous enlargements has a good idea of ​​what she does and not in the game have to cram. Still, I have some tips; things I do or do not want to see in the next episode. I start with the features that I do not want to be seen in World of Warcraft.

It sounded really cool, your own base in Draenor, from where you would direct all attacks in the area. In reality, it has formed itself into a mini-game where you send all your followers on missions to gold as much as possible, resources and Mythic (!) To get gear. At first it felt very grand, but now we are more nearly a year, it feels like an obligation, a rut. With all your alt-characters do you keep all those followers but directing and even the newly added port has not been able to save me. It is a large gravel, especially since you are also raiding oil needs to perform the missions with your ships.


Garrisons also have ensured that the world in Warcraft army than ever. The moment you are in your Garrison, you enter into a special environment which go only to you (and your party members) is visible. 90% of my playing WoW now I hang around in my personal Garrison, so all alone. That hardly feels more like an MMO in which you are normally surrounded by other players. Admittedly, before we chillden all together in Orgrimmar or Stormwind, but there was at least still in contact with other players. Garrisons was a refreshing idea, but the execution is simply disappointing. Do so but not next expansion, Blizzard!

In Mists of Pandaria World of Warcraft knew a bizarre amount of Daily Quests. This needs no explanation, I think, because who the hell takes cool to a series of quests to run every day? They did it for gold, reputation or other stuff. In wow-gold eu was the number of daily quests bijhoorlijk it up until the opening of Jungle. Now I suddenly perform daily quests to collect enough oil, which oil is needed to send my ships on missions. All of this is in turn required to get the Legendary ring, something that should earn every raider obliged to receive a sick improving your DPS / Healing / Tanking.

Let this sit down next expansion. It feels like a cheap way to attract me every day in the game, even if I have in no sense. Now I think it’s fine for everyday as World of Warcraft launch, but I’d have to do it because to do cool shit in the world and feels that matter Warlords of Draenor a bit dry. I heard from several friends that they consider it a ‘half expansion. Content can not be solved with dailies, Blizzard. Cams so!

So, that’s my perpesctief when it comes to Wow in things where I think it may die a quiet death. There are more than enough alternatives for these wasters. World of Warcraft also has very high potential to surprise us next expansion complete. What is needed (read what I want to look very much like) you read tomorrow in the sequel to this article. Then three things I definitely want to come in the new World of Warcraft expansion!

FIFA will look to right the wrongs in that department

Though EA has released FIFA 15 quite some time ago, we know a host of players who are still stuck to the earlier cheap Fut 16 coins. And one of the main reasons to that being most of them are waiting for the game’s price tag to go down a bit. Nonetheless, here we are already dealing with the upcoming FIFA 16. EA’s next big football simulator for the coming year, as expected, is said to arrive with a host of new options and improvements that will not only augment the single-player version of the game, but will also bring considerable changes to the FUT element of it.

We are still quite some time away from the next FIFA to come around, although that hasn’t stopped the Internet from discussing and deducing the new elements that we might or might not get to see from the game. Nonetheless, here’s a look at what has been said and written about the game so far. A host of changes to the titles overall gameplay element has also been discussed. There were a few nibbling issues in FIFA 15 that both the fans and developers will want to address successfully. For instance, reports claim that many complained about how in FIFA 15 handballs were never given. Also, fans are looking forward to a ball-landing indicator every time the ball goes in the air. Others, however, want the game stats to be up along with the season standings at the end of Online Friendlies.


The crowds in FIFA 15 weren’t lively enough, and accordingly reports have sprung up claiming how the new FIFA will look to right the wrongs in that department. A lot of frustration has been shown from fans in the past who have openly expressed their desires to see flags, banners and chants, included in the actual gameplay. Maybe this is the FIFA where the crowd finally invades the pitch? Reports have claimed that with FIFA 16, EA will look to give away one free-player pack per week. Free-player packs will allow prudent players to try their lucks at getting try a few of the best names in the market.

However, the cards would have to be made untradeable to stop the market from being flooded with coins. A special card for position changes may also be on the cards that will allow players to modify their defence-attacks impulse since there are work rate numbers that do not relate much to a player. Reports claim that dropping some attribute cards could also help the player. Customisable Tactics are also said to be coming with FIFA 16. This will allow players to change team’s play style, although the settings might not be saveable for future purposes. This tactic is said to be employed by EA in the next game to the fullest.

Final Fantasy XIV guide has chapters on crafting

Are you falling more and more behind your friends on the leveling curve? Not sure how you can catch up to them without losing a week’s worth of sleep? We got that covered. If you’re sick and tired of lagging behind, check out the exclusive strategies featured in this FF11 Gil For Sale Leveling Guide. We introduce ingenious methods that boost you to the level cap in 7 days or less. This resource pool of leveling know-how guides you to the easiest locations, the most rewarding quests and helps you cut down on your leveling time in ways few people would have considered possible.

Not sure which quests are really worth completing? Wasting time running back and forth or missing out on great quests entirely? Consider switching from a trial-and-error approach to questing to a ready- made, optimized questing path that’s laid out in easy to follow steps by our FFXIV experts. In addition to providing a clear-cut walkthrough, we give you valuable tips on how to complete them quicker and get the pick of the crop when it comes to quest rewards. It’s that simple. In no time, you’ll be breezing through Eorzea and its adventures to discover secrets and hidden gems in the game! Think you’re ready for end-game content as well? It’s closer than you think.


Choosing the right classes and jobs for your character is not only crucial to soloing and grouping alike, but also a science of its own if you want to get it right. This FFXIV guide takes out the uncertainty when it comes to picking and mastering classes and jobs. Whether you want to be a Scholar, Alchemist, White Mage, Black Mage or Gladiator: You now have a quick reference to making the right choices. In addition to going over specific affinities, you also get familiarized with skill rotations, ideal stat distributions and equipment advice that turns you from class-newbie into someone who really knows their way around.

Whether you craft for advancement, to outfit your own character or to amass a fortune: If you rely on trial and error and outdated advice, you are settling for a lot less than could be rightfully yours. Killer Guides’ Final Fantasy XIV guide has chapters on crafting and gathering that dispell a lot of common myths about these careers. With the guide at your side you can avoid costly mistakes and focus on the real money makers. Ensure you take the most efficient path to level up your skills starting today!

FFXIV dungeons can be quite challenging to finish for the first or even fifth time, but this guide equips you with the right knowledge for faster clears. It all starts with learning everything about dungeon monsters and bosses. This guide reveals to you their attack and movement patterns, defensive weaknesses and other combat information. Then you can plan a proper fighting strategy and make quick work of even the most difficult enemies. We also clue you in on efficient leveling techniques inside dungeon using legit features like Duty Roulette. The guide also highlights recommended party setups for specific dungeons, as well as full information on key gear sets and items that you can earn from each dungeon.

World of Warcraft is ultimately better without flying

Warlords of Draenor was Wow Gold For Sale most successful expansion in years pushing its subscription base up to 10 million players. It was greeted by rave reviews from across the web that hailed it as WoW’s return to the top of the MMO market. The only things fans felt was missing from the latest expansion was the ability to use flying mounts. Blizzard claimed that removing flying was an “experiment” to create a renewed sense of danger in the game world and encourage exploration.

Obviously not everyone was happy to see their ability to fly all across the map disappear, which is why Blizzard  promised to revisit the issue later down the line. This week lead designer Ion Hazzikostas made good on that promise during an interview with Polygon. His answer however isn’t going to appease the fans anger towards Warlords of Draenor or future expansions. Hazzikostas told Polygon that flying will not make an appearance in Warlords of Draenor and it may not appear in any future expansions.


Taking away flying would be a massive change in World of Warcraft’s gameplay, as mounted flight has been part of the MMO since 2007 with the introduction of the Burning Crusades, the first expansion to WoW. In the years after it was introduced Hazzikostas says that Blizzard has seen flying mounts create major problems in the game: Having looked at how flying has played out in the old world in the last couple of expansions, we realized that while we were doing it out of this ingrained habit after we introduced flying in The Burning Crusade, it actually detracted from gameplay in a whole lot of ways.

While there was certainly convenience in being able to completely explore the world in three dimensions, that also came at the expense of gameplay like targeted exploration, like trying to figure out what’s in that cave on top of a hill and how do I get up there.

Hazzikostas says that Warlords of Draenor and the rest of WoW feels bigger opening it up to more exploration and immersion with players finding new secrets. He leaves very little hope in the interview that flying will stay an experiment saying that “At this point, we feel that outdoor gameplay in World of Warcraft is ultimately better without flying, we’re not going to be reintroducing the ability to fly in Draenor and that’s kind of where we’re at going forward.” He admits that Blizzard is considering opening mounted flight to certain areas in future expansions.

Even if they open up mounted flight to special sections in expansions after World of warcraft there isn’t much hope that it will ever return as a main feature of the game. That isn’t sitting well with Warcraft fans, 24 hours after the interview went live the World of Warcraft forums were flooded with responses. 288 pages of complaint threads popped up with fans letting their frustrations loose and some fans are even cancelling their subscriptions.

All of the anger is understandable if you are a long time player, mounted flight has been part of World of Warcraft for 8 of the 10 years its been out. Collecting the rarest flying mounts and being able to see huge areas of the game from the sky is a longstanding part of the MMO. Now all of those flying mounts have been grounded and lost their biggest advantage and that isn’t going to help World of Warcraft’s subscriber base flourish.

The coin would be the in-game currency of FIFA 16

FIFA 16 comes out as an association football simulated video game and EA Canada created FIFA 16. Electronic Arts released FIFA 16. FIFA 16 came out around the 23rd of September, 2014 in North America and it can be to become launched on the 25th of September inside the European soil and around the 26th of September inside the United kingdom and Ireland to be obtainable around the PlayStation III, PlayStation IV and PlayStation Vita. The players of Wii, Xbox 1, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, IOS and Android also able to play FIFA 16. Over Pc, FIFA 16 Coins PS3/PS4 is operating around the IGNITE Engine of EA and it appears with all the identical aspects like the PS4 and Xbox A single editions do have. The coin would be the in-game currency of FIFA 16. And players can avail the cheapest fifa 16 coins at the experienced online gaming house to accumulate the most beneficial budding players in conjunction with the things to create FIFA 16 team within a more quickly succession.

There was a demo getting launched around the 09th of September, 2014 using the 3 new teams. These incorporate Liverpool, Chelsea and Napoli. In addition to, there was the previous game in the teams including FC Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and Boca Juniors. The players can invest in fifa 16 coins at the online qualified gaming property now. This year, notion squad comes out as one of several aspects of new Ultimate Team. In which the users can sign the loan players to get a restricted duration of the matches. In Concept Squad, the players do have an access for the database of the game and may prepare a dream squad. The card with the notion player is grey colored. You can find quite a few the new legends which can be also introduced to the game and they may be Franz Beckenbauer, Roberto Carlos, Hristo Stoichkov and Peter Schmeichel. Acquire FIFA 16 Coins On the net.


There’s an entire list on the leagues, clubs and the national teams in the group. These are released on the formal web site on the 18th of September together with the description. It really is the Encounter actual football authenticity with FIFA. It’s characterizing thirty-five licensed leagues, more than six-hundred clubs and sixteen-thousand players as well as the forty-one licensed stadiums. EA Sports had had a signing deal with the Premier League as the Official Sports Technology Companion. The players can go for purchasing fifa coins on-line in the most economical expense.

By way of this way, EA are licensed in line with the Premier League development. The deal tends to make all twenty Premier League stadiums to be integrated inside the game. This integrates the seven stadiums from FIFA 16 Coins. The formal Premier League scoreboards in conjunction with the tv graphics are in the game as well. The real-life referees, chants in addition to the advertising hoardings are also out there inside the game. Conversely, the formal Premier League graphics are only visible around the Computer, PS4 and Xbox 1 single editions of the game. The PlayStation III and Xbox 360 editions are to continue applying the generic EA Sports branded graphics for these matches.

what you need to know to play Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is one of my favourite MMORPGs. We think it’s one of the best MMOs ever created. It has an incredibly engrossing story, engaging combat, and is arguably one of the prettiest MMOs around. But some of its best and unique features are also hard to stomach for a lot of new and potential players, through a combination of ambiguous terms and intimidating depth. I’m here today to tell you that this doesn’t have to be the case. We’ve dissected and de jargoned FFXIV Gil unique systems so that it’s easier to digest for people still on the fence, and new players alike.

So: here’s what you need to know to play Final Fantasy XIV. And you definitely should. If you’re still to pick up Final Fantasy XIV – maybe you’re still on the fence – don’t forget that there’s a two week free trial available to take advantage of. It will allow you to reach level 20 within the game, and give you a taste on what you can expect. You can download the free trial here.


There’s also something to note if you decide you want to commit to purchasing Final Fantasy XIV. If you chose to pick up the game on Steam, you’ll be locked into only being able to purchase future content – like the Heavensward expansion – for the Steam platform; you’ll need a Steam key of the expansion in order to upgrade. However, if you purchase from somewhere that doesn’t require Steam, providing you with a standalone client, you’ll be free to pick up future content from wherever.

There’s absolutely zero differences regarding the actual game itself between each method of acquiring Final Fantasy XIV, but using Steam may restrict your ability to get a better price. With the release of the new Heavensward expansion, it’s never been a better time to pick up and try Final Fantasy XIV. Because accessing the Heavensward content requires you to have completed the entire main story line – a lengthy feat which includes going from level 1 to 50, and then five patches worth of content – some players can be put off.

But Square Enix still stand by it; just like any Final Fantasy game, FF11 Gil is a heavily story driven game; you need to know what the hell is going on to really appreciate it.  That doesn’t though that the devs aren’t going to give new players a helping hand. For one, every main story quest has had its experience reward doubled, allowing players to easily reach max level and beyond without having to sink time into sidequests and other means. There’s also been some high-level equipment added to the rewards, giving you a full set of item level 110 gear by the time you’re done with it all.

Additionally, new players will be granted priority access when using the Duty Finder – FFXIV’s version of an instance queue, used for dungeons, raids etc. Some of the main story quests require the completion of these instances, so being able to quickly find a group means less time waiting and more time progressing. And if you have some helpful high-level friends, they can also boost you through the instances with their powerful gear and abilities.

WoW Token was fully active during this quarter

In September 2010, world of warcraft gold subscribers were numbered at 12 million during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. The game’s subscribers fell off after that point until resurgences when Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor released with another high climb to 10 million with the latter. During Warlords of Draenor, though, World of Warcraft has rapidly lost subscriptions.

The first earnings call after Warlords of Draenor‘s release informed players that subscribers fell from 10 million to around 7.1 million. The second earnings call after the latest expansion revealed an even lower subscriber count. Activision Blizzard reported the company’s second quarter 2015 financial results for investors today. World of Warcraft currently caters to 5.6 million players.


Since subscriber numbers have started to fall after the game’s peak, this is the lowest amount of subscriptions recorded. Even the Mists of Pandaria expansion lull was higher at 6.8 million subscribers, and according to a detailed chart via MMO-Champion, subscriptions were last at this value during World of Warcraft‘s initial climb to its peak. World of Warcraft subscribers were last at 5.6 million in December 2005 before the first expansion, The Burning Crusade, released. All past earnings calls and reports can be found on the Activision website for more information.

The waning subscription numbers for World of Warcraft are likely attributed to a number of factors. The game is 10 years old, the current expansion is technically over, Warlords of Draenor left many players disappointed, and the next expansion is going to be announced in just a matter of days. However, the WoW Token was fully active during this quarter’s results. The WoW Token grants 30 days of game time to the account that uses it but it costs more than a traditional subscription. Players can buy and sell WoW Tokens for gold, letting players with excess gold play the game for free, and those with a disposable income in real life can grab a little extra gold by selling the token. Of course, the barrier of entry still remains since a client must be purchased to play World of Warcraft and a steady supply of gold is required to continue playing for free.

Even with the drop in subscriptions for Wow, overall, the results of the quarter are better than what was expected of Activision Blizzard. The company touts over 70 million registered players of Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Destiny. Other titles like Skylanders continue to outsell competitors improving the outlook for Activision Blizzard in general.

FIFA 16 produce rivalries in a way that no other

Increasingly, however, FIFA 16 is all about online play, and it’s there that the focus on big shots and attacking football comes into its own. Scoring a sublime goal is all the more satisfying against a real human player, especially if that person is a friend you can taunt afterwards. The new consoles’ video sharing ability means you can also share the moment with everyone else that you know online, whether they’re interested or not. After all, nothing makes you feel more like a star than sharing your game winning goals on your parents’ Facebook page. Near post finesse shots, curled finesse shots from outside the box and long shots from players with good range leave keepers frozen. The frequency of long shot goals become grating since they’re quite accurate and keepers always get caught off their line. Anyone from Courtois to a Serie B buster’s susceptible to shockers since weak parries leading to tap-ins are commonplace.

The main difference for the old-gen versions is that Pro Clubs is missing. I’m not really sure why, but it’s disappointing to drop the online feature nonetheless. In FIFA 16 Coins mode, your Global Transfer Network doesn’t surface the same volume of players, making those times when your scouts can’t seem to find anyone all the more conspicuous. Pro Clubs may be missing, but the old-gen versions exclusively include the FIFA Interactive World Cup and a tutorial mode called Learn to Play. Next-generation visuals put fans on living pitches with grass that wears and tears as the match progresses. Authentic FIFA 16 player visuals make players lean, athletic, and true to their real-life appearance. Player control heightens the responsiveness of player movement, gives athletes more control and personality on the ball, and makes man-to-man battles more rewarding than ever before.


As ever there is more then enough to keep you entertained until next year, FIFA 16 career mode returns as does Pro Clubs but FIFA 16 Ultimate Team that has received the most attention this year. You can now loan in players to test out how they will fit into your squad or you can loan in the likes of Messi or Ibrahimovic when you need that extra attacking edge when going into some tough online games and need 3 crucial points for promotion. You can also now use squad concepts to plan your future FUT 16 squads and plan out your transfer targets.  In previous games, goalies moved with the grace of zombie robots, blindly following the ball across the box in hopes of getting in the way of a shot. In FIFA 16, these smarter goalies are no longer a wandering mass of digital goop. They do a better job of recognizing in-game situations, like crosses into a crowded box, and they position themselves based on the flow of the game. Scoring on these remodeled stoppers will take some getting used to, but those of us up for the challenge will appreciate the change.

During our travels online we had a bit of a mixed time. We’ve never been massive fans of playing against strangers online; beat a player soundly and they’ll often quit early, get thrashed and you’ve got to endure the pain or end up being that which you so despise. Beating a complete stranger is all fine and dandy, but taking down a friend is a much more enjoyable experience, and playing with and against a buddy will always be more fun, and sports games like FIFA 16 produce rivalries in a way that no other genre can compete with. There was lag on a couple of the matches (the game’s out in North America at the time of writing, so if that’s where our opponents were based, maybe that explains the stuttering), but nothing that completely ruined our experience.

Back to the present day, and FIFA 16 is touting a whole new level of emotional intelligence for their AI. In essence, it’s meant to help the AI act more human, which is a great idea in theory but in practice, it falls a bit short. I could go either way on this, and I’m very much on the fence. There’s nothing special about it that sets it apart from the previous two iterations. If anything, dealing with the teammate AI is slightly more frustrating, often letting balls roll right through, or tripping over each other. It will come as a sigh of relief for many, that on your first play through it won’t feel like a completely different game, although dribbling is easier and long range shots are impressively accurate. Keepers will now dip, dive and strive to get a fingertip on your 30-yard piledriver but they’re not always successful and you can really score some screamers as a result of the improved game mechanics.